Hi Susie,

30 09 2008

I know you’re busy getting kicked off websites for watching too much Dexter, but this blog has already been taken over by me and has seen far too much of me today. Help a sister out.

That sums up what I do at work.


If anyone knows me at all…

30 09 2008

They’d know that this umbrella was secretly made with me in mind:


30 09 2008

I wish I could claim those clever letters as mine but I saw that tagged on a dormitory wall about 4 years ago, and I still find it funny.

I’m in love with this:

Hot, smart, female

30 09 2008

That’s me. Ha, just kidding. I would never outrightly say that without a “just kidding” disclaimer. Because that would be just too conceited, right?

Anyway, this is the hot, smart, female I’m talking about:

I want her haircut.

I’m obsessing

30 09 2008

… over this new blog. I’m bored. At work. With a boss who has a brain like a hummingbird who happens to be out of the office. If this were a twitter I feel like it wouldn’t seem as obsessive. Or maybe it would seem more obsessive. 

“Army of Me” by Grisbi- Amazing song, and who doesn’t love a Bjork remix?

Ohmigod. A kind-of coworker just got on his phone and started speaking Italian (Susie, obviously you know who this is). It’s taking everything inside of me to not destroy myself in a fit of giggles.I don’t know why this makes me want to laugh so hard. Oh… it’s because he’s wearing headphones and looks like he’s not actually talking on his phone.

Just to give you more of a visual: He’s sitting on the shitty-red colored couch, eating a red apple, and wearing khaki’s with a tucked in button-down. Ohmigod.. he made another phone call. Not in Italian. And is giving them a play-by-play that almost mimics what I just wrote. “Yeah… I’m just taking a break. Eating an apple…. no, no. I already ate lunch. But I’m just taking a break, sitting on the couch and eating an apple.”

Fuck my life.

Clever, clever

30 09 2008

Great Photography site

30 09 2008

Pancho Tolchinsky