you can vote however you like

30 10 2008

thanks jes for sharing this vid. it’s so awesome, great performance!


Obama Bacon

29 10 2008

I apologize for the brain cells you’re about to lose by watching this:

On the topic of bacon…

1. Donuts and Bacon 08 (Click on the pic for more info)

2. Baconnaise… because why not? Oh, and thankfully it’s vegetarian. (Insert gratuitous eye-roll here)

And, last but not least…

3. Bacon Chocolate. I have actually had the pleasure of trying this. I know it sounds nasty, but the fat-kid inside of you is begging to try it.

It’s by Vosges Chocolate and they just happen to have boutiques here in New York! I’ve  tried some of their other chocolates and they are to die for.

And I just found this… this is just messed up:

That’s their Flying Pig (which is comprised of their bacon chocolate)… does it really need to be flying towards bacon? Anyway…

The video and first two pictures are courtesy of Serious Eats, the last ones are from yours truly.


Muck: New Handset Font

29 10 2008

YouWorkForThem just made a f’ing fabulous handset font. I am thoroughly impressed, and I wish I could rub these letters all over myself. As you can tell, my love for letters has now become lustful. And I am not ashamed to admit it.

And saving the best for last:

To see how these lovelies were made, check out the You Work For Them blog.


24 hours a day

29 10 2008

This site that Thrillist just found for me is absolutely amazing!!! I love places that are open 24 hours… and I love that they actually have places in my neighborhood of Bushwick. It’s a rarity to see things actually listed on the internet around there. To check it out, click on the picture!

Uniqlo Human Vending Machine

28 10 2008

Holy Crap.

I stole this from You Work For Them:

As if Reason #4123 Uniqlock wasn’t enough, my favorite fashion brand has gone even further by giving away FREE clothes in NYC this November by way of Human Vending Machines! A Uniqlo rep describes it as such, “Basically we’re going to have two mimes. A male and a female mime inside the machine. And the public can see them through glass. When you get there, we’re going to have Uniqlo reps dressed in the silver bodysuits. And they’re going to hold a thermograph scanner — think of an airport security machine. The thermographer identifies cold spots in your body. After you go through that, you go to the vending machine and push a button and the mimes are going to do a synchronized choreographed routine and then your outfit comes out.” Check out the post on NewYork Mag for more details.

Again… Holy Crap.


Pharrell has a fixed gear

28 10 2008

I guess little Pharrell here couldn’t be beat out by Kanye on the fixie front:

(That’s Family Guy Kaws in the back, by the way)

For some reason it seems more acceptable for him though… maybe it’s because he’s hotter. Scratch that. It’s because he’s hot. Kanye doesn’t get that much loving from me.

via HKfixed


Ashes and Milk

28 10 2008

I found this site through Melissa Loves and I can’t stop looking at it… Organic sculptural things stir something inside of me. They immediately make me want to hold them and rub them against my cheeks… Hopefully that’s not as weird as it sounds.

1. Tatara Zukuri bowl by Yosinori Yamamoto – I love Robin’s eggs. I always have. My father had this Encyclopaedia set when I was a kid and I always looked at the birds eggs pictures. Those books smelled amazing…

2. Pierres Graphiques by Yoran Morvant- I love rock. I love lamp. I love desk.

3. Black Faced Bird by Helen Beard- Again with the precious birds…

4. White Mug with Hollow Handle by Taka Suzuki- I desperately want to hold this.

5. I Deserve This by Dustin Yager- Dustin Yager is a new favorite artist of mine.

6. Faggot X Small by Dustin Yager

For Dustin to use the expression “Faggot Faggot Fucking Faggot” is an act of self depreciation, and is concealed by the pleasing composition of the cup. The contradiction within this piece is something we can all understand: so often we present ourselves the way we think people want to see us, and keep our true selves in secret. A cup also alludes to nourishment, healing, rejuvenation, and coming to terms with oneself.

My friend Russel is coming into town tomorrow night from Texas… He’s a New York virgin! I’m so excited to show him around. I would totally give him that last mug… well, because he is one. Russel is the most magical being I have ever met… I can’t wait to cuddle with him! And if you’re about to get all PC on me save it. Words only have power when you give it to them.