Two Girls and how they developed such Great Taste
suz and the usual beefeater dirty martini

suz and the usual beefeater dirty martini

folks, kiki and i met in nyc at a time when our newly found superior brought us together to listen to his rants and feed his ego. we spent hours of our work day flipping through our readers, leaning over the dining room work table to share and quickly realized we had the same great taste. parsons and pratt design eyes have been merged together in this blog. since i got “let go” we decided to create a virtual dining room table to lean over, so dig in!

This is me. Being Asian. At work.

This is me. Being Asian. At work.

So, Susie pretty much said it all though I’m going to fill in a few more details… because, I’m all about the details (I’m also a chronic worrier, so the details thing is extremely important). Oh, and how gorgeous does she look in that photo? And don’t let the picture fool you.. she’s even hotter in person.

Ever since Susie introduced me to the Google Reader I’ve become completely obsessed with it. My position in my company forces me to be abreast of blogging and social networking of all facets, so I guess I’m kind of doing my job by being here (gratuitous eye rolling). The dining room table Susie speaks of in her previous office, and my current one, is an actual dining room table. Some “people” think that interior design of a living room (especially Victorian style ones, a.k.a. antique store shit) applies to any room they want, such as an office. Rest assured, we do not adhere to these design principles. Although Susie and I have greast taste, I tend to be more brash and best describe myself through an instance I had with the principal of my high school:

Principal:”You’ve got a mouth worse than any sailor I’ve met.”

Me: “Well how many fucking sailors have you met?”

…So don’t expect any apologies from this one on distasteful postings. With that, enjoy!


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1 10 2008

these “people” kiki speaks of, also seem to think cherub angels belong in “creative” offices on top of coat racks! i’m sorry, i’m mistaken, it’s a fucking HAT rack! who the fuck needs a proper place to hang their hat in a 10×25 studio space? and for that matter…why did we need 6 fucking hooks when there were only 3 people in the office, excuse me, now 2!? if i felt the need to remove my hat from my head, the first place i would put it is on the scary cherubs face so it would stop staring at everyone in the work place. it hinders all creative mojo that’s flowing. fuck.

2 10 2008
Kiki D.

Susie, you seriously hit every nail on the head with that comment.

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