Pie and Two Dimes

14 11 2008

UrbanDaddy just uplifted my day, once again:

NY Pie

Pie Lounge
Late nights in the East Village just got a little homier with this tiny hole-in-the-wall dishing out beer, wine and, most importantly, peach and pumpkin pies (among others) until 2am on weekends, so you can finally have the drunken pie fight you’ve been dreaming of.
411: Soft-opening Nov 15, full opening Nov 21, 131 7th St (between Ave A and Ave B), 646-594-3180

Casa Havana

20-Cent Breakfast at Casa Havana
You’ve probably never stopped by this Chelsea Cuban spot, but we’re putting it on your radar just in case: two eggs, bacon and coffee for 20 cents. We recommend tipping at least a quarter.
411: Available every day, 7-11am, 190 8th Ave (between 19th and 20th St), 212-243-9421

Even though I have to be in a bikini in 11 days (Holy shit… I can’t believe how soon that is), it’s hard for me to pass up booze and free pie… so you’ll most likely find me there tomorrow night. Well, in all actuality you probably won’t, since I try to hang out in Manhattan as little as possible.



Mast Brothers Chocolate

14 11 2008

I don’t know why, but this email I received from Tasting Table, really, really excites me:

The status of high-end microbatch chocolate is quickly catching up to its cult coffee counterparts: Mass production is out; single-origin beans and small-batch roasting are in. Leading this movement in New York is Mast Brothers Chocolate, launched last year by barbate brothers Rick and Michael (33 and 29, respectively), who turn hand-sourced beans from small farms in Madagascar, Venezuela and Ecuador into beautiful, deeply complex chocolate bars.

The Masts start with hulking burlap bags full of cocoa beans and process them in a Greenpoint warehouse, then wrap the bars in a motley collection of vintage paper from Florence and London. Their chocolates are sold mainly at outposts in Brooklyn ($7 to $10), though online ordering is coming soon. They also sell sacks of excellent chocolate bark ($12), heavily loaded with dried cranberries, nuts and pumpkinseeds.

Soon, we’ll all be able to witness their bean-to-bar operation firsthand: Next month, the brothers plan to open their long-awaited factory and retail store in Williamsburg.

Mast Brothers Chocolates are currently sold at Marlow & Sons, Spuyten Duyvil, Urban Rustic, the Brooklyn Flea and the Artists & Fleas Market. mastbrotherschocolate.com

It also helps that they’re quite strapping, young gentleman:

Mast Brothers

Oh wait, now I remember why that email excites me so much: Men in suits with beards who can shower me in chocolate… Pretty much equals perfection. I can’t wait to visit their store when it opens! It will be a harrowing test of restraint… Chocolate and hot men in suits. With beards. Plus, the fact that they seem kind of Amish is sort of a turn-on. Yum.


Obama Bacon

29 10 2008

I apologize for the brain cells you’re about to lose by watching this:

On the topic of bacon…

1. Donuts and Bacon 08 (Click on the pic for more info)

2. Baconnaise… because why not? Oh, and thankfully it’s vegetarian. (Insert gratuitous eye-roll here)

And, last but not least…

3. Bacon Chocolate. I have actually had the pleasure of trying this. I know it sounds nasty, but the fat-kid inside of you is begging to try it.

It’s by Vosges Chocolate and they just happen to have boutiques here in New York! I’ve  tried some of their other chocolates and they are to die for.

And I just found this… this is just messed up:

That’s their Flying Pig (which is comprised of their bacon chocolate)… does it really need to be flying towards bacon? Anyway…

The video and first two pictures are courtesy of Serious Eats, the last ones are from yours truly.



28 10 2008

I am salivating.

Typography + food= Kiki’s version of Heaven

That’s a complete over-exaggeration, but seriously… it’s pretty close.

From top: “Gastrotypographicalassemblage” as restored by the Center for Design Study, Lou Dorfsman in front of the wall, a detail of the wall. Photographs from TCFDS on Flickr

Lou Dorfsman, who had a 40-year run as advertising and corporate design director at CBS, (during the heyday of what was once known as the “Tiffany Network”), died last week at 90.

The food angle here? Dorfsman designed an amazing work of art for the cafeteria at CBS headquarters called the “Gastrotypographicalassemblage.” It was a wall 35 feet long by 8.5 feet tall that represented all sorts of foods and food-related things as playful words reminiscent of the old wood type seen in advertising posters of the late 1800s.

“Gastrotypographicalassemblage” was unceremoniously ripped from the walls of the cafeteria in the early 1990s, but the Center for Design Study in Atlanta got a hold of it and has restored it. You can see more photos of it here. [via The Daily Heller]

Thanks Serious Eats!


Grey day in Gotham

28 10 2008

Hello lovelies,

Today is indeed very grey, and wet, in New York. I was dreading taking out Bella, my weird little canine, for a walk this morning for fear that she wouldn’t do her business and then she’d be trapped in the house all day to destroy whatever is left for her to destroy (because honestly there isn’t much at this point). To my surprise, our walk was filled with me shaking my head and laughing while getting completely downpoured on. Bella loves puddles apparently. She jumped and played through every single one that we saw. Enough about her… I will not become one of those dog people.

Since today is so dreary and gross I decided to post up some happy photos with a pink theme. I am not a fan of the color pink, but for the past week or so I keep running across pink photos. Weird, I know.

1. from The Cherry Blossom Girl via Oh Happy Day

2. Pink bike stencil… I’ve kind of always wanted a pink bike. Although, the entire thing would have to be pink, including the basket. Oh yeah, it’d have to have a basket too.

3. Donut Muffins by Bread & Honey!

4. Oh hey, these people just happen to have the coolest house ever. via Happy Mundane.

5. I have always wanted a typewriter in either pink or robin’s egg blue.

6. That cupcake makes we want to puke a little. I’ve never understood the rage behind cupcakes…for me they’re more aesthetically pleasing than anything else.

7. I know it seems orange, but in person it’s actually got a pink sheen to it. A rainy day like today reminds me of when I was wandering around London, years ago, and it was rainy and grey and I stumbled into a museum and there happened to be a works up by Sophie Calle. They were photos and text describing how she ate only things of a certain color on certain days. For example, Tuesday she would only eat pink foods, or something. I remember reading this book later and thinking about just how interesting a woman she is. Sophie Calle: Appointment with Sigmund Freud.

8. A “Salty Dog”. I am craving one so badly right now, even though it’s more appropriate for warmer weather. Salt-rimmed glass+grapefruit juice+vodka & ice.

9. Since I’m indoors much more often in the winter, I cook up a storm and bake like crazy. I’ve always coveted a KitchenAid mixer… maybe someday. And yes, I will admit that I definitely had a thing for hot pink at one point in my youth.

10. This would be a great reminder to look at every morning. The Poster List. I’m also a big fan of Keep Calm and Carry On, I’ve been eyeing their tote bags for some time now.

11. I have wanted this Eames chair forever, and then I saw that Rachel Denbow of Bling on My Sewing Machine had it and I got very envious! Though, if I were to shell out  the dough for an Eames chair I would probably get it in a different color…

12. Jead Widmer posters for Centre de Creation Industrielle. Yummy. Check out more of them over at Grain Edit.

Great… now all I can think about are cupcakes and Salty Dog’s. Which would taste horrible together.


The Tortilla Trials

24 10 2008

I’ve recently become fascinated with food blogs. I’ve always been big into food, I mean who isn’t really, but I guess I forgot how much I enjoy making it. It’s completly gratifying to be able to whip something up and then be able to enjoy your accomplishment. Even completely simple things give a you this sense of accomplishment, given that it’s tasty and not completely terrible for you, such as the art of the sandwich (which I’m about to dig into one in a few minutes). I stumbled upon Matt Bites, a charming gentleman who describes himself as “a man obsessed with food, drink, and everything inbetween.” His site is highly entertaining and well displayed, and his latest post on tortillas is what really drew me to it.

Spend enough time with me and inevitably you’ll find yourself asking me the same question. Because almost everyone I know has asked me.

“You’d put anything inside a tortilla and eat it, wouldn’t you?”

To read about his tortilla experiments, click the pic above!



23 10 2008

1 & 2. Angelina in W Magazine

3. ‘Please Don’t Break My Heart’ by Sandy Smith

4. My new favorite show. I’m still catching up…

5 & 6. I have never had the pleasure of tasting these, and have no idea what they would even be like, but for some reason I can’t stop thinking about them.

7. No picture for this, but I made friends with a neighbor next door and it makes me very happy

8. That dark little blob is my pup… twinkle lights, my new couch (because I finally have a real bed) and my new favorite pillow (#9)

9. Nate Williams ‘Life is Beautiful’ pillow

10. Sweet dreams, darlings