Greenhouse Opens Tonight

12 11 2008

This is pretty much amazing. Straight from UrbanDaddy:

Greenhouse NYC

Let’s get this out of the way: Greenhouse is a nightclub first, environmental savior second. Sure, there are bamboo walls, eco-friendly banquettes, waterless urinals, Brad Pitt-endorsed Kiehl’s products in the bathroom and the whole place is “LEED-registered”, but you’ll be a bit more preoccupied with the more literal greenness—preserved leaves lining the ceiling, faux grass discs on the wall, animal topiary encased in glass cube tables…basically everything you need to feel like you’re in a boozy dance party in the middle of Central Park.

And by checking out the Greenhouse site it can be inferred that they have more locations opening in Paris, Cannes, Park City and Toronto very soon. Damn. I’m surprised there is no mention of who’s behind this huge venture… I’m assuming Brad Pitt has a little something to do with it, but who else?

Greenhouse, opens tonight, 150 Varick St (near Vandam), 212-807-7000


Presidential Hoedown

28 10 2008

After Work Election Hoedown
Nov  4 (Tue) at 6 PM at

3rd Ward 195 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Watch the votes roll in and the Bushes roll out at 3rd Ward
Election Day, 6 pm till the country turns Blue!

After work on election day come to 3rd Ward for live election
coverage projected 10ft. x 10 ft., DJs, drinks, eats and pork
bellies!  Plus, compete to support your candidate and be awarded 3rd
Ward style.  We’re looking for cheers, impersonators and creative
expressions of patriotism.

Come for the fun, go home with a custom made Obama shirt and a new


Bike Kill 2008

27 10 2008

This is what my Saturday looked like:

I ended up covered in rain, beer, fake blood, fireworks, real blood, dirt, and wheat paste. And I only got in one minor altercation this year… Helping clean up the event, before going to the party, was in a word: DISGUSTING. I saw lots of old friends and made lots of new ones and danced my little butt off and got royally intoxicated. The main reason why this year’s Bike Kill was so important was because it was the last one. Black Label had done it for the past six years and just don’t want to put it on anymore. It’s all been extremely fun while it lasted! The next day I spent at home with my warm dog, ate lots of yummy food and watched way too much Mad Men. Overall, it was a great weekend!


we met the meet

24 10 2008

after a recent posting where kiki & i kinda bashed this private ‘grade-a meeting spot‘ in nyc, the owners invited us to a party last night to review the space firsthand. the space was certainly not conducive to an artists exhibition* so we feel that it is unfair to fully judge the space until it’s grand opening in november. we will however say that the wallpaper was by far the best feature of the swanky joint. from afar, the wallpaper looks like pleasant little graphic flowers but when you look a bit closer, the flowers are formed by nude women in very erotic poses. they get major points for that risk.

*And by this we mean that there was a blow-up imitation of a prison cell in the middle of the space, reminiscent of a bouncy castle at carnivals, though definitely nowhere near as fun and looked more like an attempt at a portable, yet soft, urinal.

PSFK attended the opening also, and you can read their review here.

Brooklyn is better

24 10 2008

And this proves it!

Click here to watch video

We love you FredFlare!

Load up your coffee tables

23 10 2008

The NY Art Book Fair starts tomorrow and goes into the weekend, so if you’re in New York you definitely should stop by! Art books are my favorite kind, not only because they’re easy on the eyes, in more ways than one, but sometimes pictures really do speak more than 1,000 words. Also, the paper stock they use for the pages always turns me on. And they smell good.

Click on the picture above for the official site.