Uniqlo Human Vending Machine

28 10 2008

Holy Crap.

I stole this from You Work For Them:

As if Reason #4123 Uniqlock wasn’t enough, my favorite fashion brand has gone even further by giving away FREE clothes in NYC this November by way of Human Vending Machines! A Uniqlo rep describes it as such, “Basically we’re going to have two mimes. A male and a female mime inside the machine. And the public can see them through glass. When you get there, we’re going to have Uniqlo reps dressed in the silver bodysuits. And they’re going to hold a thermograph scanner — think of an airport security machine. The thermographer identifies cold spots in your body. After you go through that, you go to the vending machine and push a button and the mimes are going to do a synchronized choreographed routine and then your outfit comes out.” Check out the post on NewYork Mag for more details.

Again… Holy Crap.



A Beautiful Loser

28 10 2008

Happy Mundane just posted about a new company, Rake Clothing… my immediate thoughts went to the late, great Margaret Kilgallen.

Here’s some designs from Rake Clothing:


It’s a very sad thing that Margaret Kilgallen is no longer with us anymore. I actually found her work through her husband Barry McGee, who’s also an amazing artist. An old roommate of mine is friends with McGee and he gave him one of the exclusive bottles that Calvin Klein wanted for some of their perfume bottles. McGee turned down them down.


Grey day in Gotham

28 10 2008

Hello lovelies,

Today is indeed very grey, and wet, in New York. I was dreading taking out Bella, my weird little canine, for a walk this morning for fear that she wouldn’t do her business and then she’d be trapped in the house all day to destroy whatever is left for her to destroy (because honestly there isn’t much at this point). To my surprise, our walk was filled with me shaking my head and laughing while getting completely downpoured on. Bella loves puddles apparently. She jumped and played through every single one that we saw. Enough about her… I will not become one of those dog people.

Since today is so dreary and gross I decided to post up some happy photos with a pink theme. I am not a fan of the color pink, but for the past week or so I keep running across pink photos. Weird, I know.

1. from The Cherry Blossom Girl via Oh Happy Day

2. Pink bike stencil… I’ve kind of always wanted a pink bike. Although, the entire thing would have to be pink, including the basket. Oh yeah, it’d have to have a basket too.

3. Donut Muffins by Bread & Honey!

4. Oh hey, these people just happen to have the coolest house ever. via Happy Mundane.

5. I have always wanted a typewriter in either pink or robin’s egg blue.

6. That cupcake makes we want to puke a little. I’ve never understood the rage behind cupcakes…for me they’re more aesthetically pleasing than anything else.

7. I know it seems orange, but in person it’s actually got a pink sheen to it. A rainy day like today reminds me of when I was wandering around London, years ago, and it was rainy and grey and I stumbled into a museum and there happened to be a works up by Sophie Calle. They were photos and text describing how she ate only things of a certain color on certain days. For example, Tuesday she would only eat pink foods, or something. I remember reading this book later and thinking about just how interesting a woman she is. Sophie Calle: Appointment with Sigmund Freud.

8. A “Salty Dog”. I am craving one so badly right now, even though it’s more appropriate for warmer weather. Salt-rimmed glass+grapefruit juice+vodka & ice.

9. Since I’m indoors much more often in the winter, I cook up a storm and bake like crazy. I’ve always coveted a KitchenAid mixer… maybe someday. And yes, I will admit that I definitely had a thing for hot pink at one point in my youth.

10. This would be a great reminder to look at every morning. The Poster List. I’m also a big fan of Keep Calm and Carry On, I’ve been eyeing their tote bags for some time now.

11. I have wanted this Eames chair forever, and then I saw that Rachel Denbow of Bling on My Sewing Machine had it and I got very envious! Though, if I were to shell out  the dough for an Eames chair I would probably get it in a different color…

12. Jead Widmer posters for Centre de Creation Industrielle. Yummy. Check out more of them over at Grain Edit.

Great… now all I can think about are cupcakes and Salty Dog’s. Which would taste horrible together.


Brooklyn is better

24 10 2008

And this proves it!

Click here to watch video

We love you FredFlare!

AA (nothing to do with alcohol)

24 10 2008

Assholes Anonymous. Otherwise known as American Apparel. I get emails from them every so often, which I hate opening because it’s usually some pasty, hipster chick showing off her latest yoga pose layered in far too much clothing, or far too little and sans under garments, and also said-clothing never seems to impress me. This morning’s email has proven to be no different.

I’m sorry, but this is just ridiculous:

I understand that they’re trying to prove how versatile their $28 piece of circular cloth is… but really, it’s a $28 piece of circular cloth. I’m not saying I wouldn’t wear it, but I definitely wouldn’t pay for it, not that I ever do anyway.


Earthly Delights

23 10 2008

Great. Another site to preoccupy me and fill me with fantasies of furnishings and accessories. These are my favorites from Eden & Eden:

1. Blah Blah Cushion in lavender- Oh, did you forget about my new obsession with pillows?

2. Button coasters- These remind me of a pair of awesome earrings Suz has, or had rather.

3. Architectural tea towel- I wish I could just buy new tea towels instead of having to wash them. Mainly because I always forget to stick them in my laundry bag.

4. Giant Chain Necklace- Cuz a girl needs her bling bling (pronounced blang blang, for those who don’t know)

5. Crystal Ink Splat earrigs- These remind me of Gak, and Nickelodeon.

6. Fringe Scarf- Because I need more black scarves. Clearly. Actually, I think I just lost my favorite one in a drunken stupor the other night. I honestly never lose things when I’m drunk… knock on wood.

7. Bat Wing dress- I have a sweater very similar to this and I have always wished it was a dress.

8. My favorite thing on their site

Thanks for me, for you!


Chanel in Central Park?! Never.

23 10 2008

So there’s an art installation in Central Park right now inspired by this:

No, not alien-child Mary Kate Olsen. The quilted Chanel bag she’s toting. Not necessarily her bag, but the quilted bag itself.

I feel that Coco Chanel would roll in her grave if she knew of this.

To see the official Chanel Mobile Art site, click here

I may have to agree with the NY Times Architecture critic’s opinion.