Paul Rudd on The Daily Show

12 11 2008

If you didn’t love Paul Rudd before, you sure as hell will after this video clip:

Paul Rudd and Jon Stewart

Click on the picture to watch the video.

Oh, and p.s.- I totally want to bang both of these men. Though not necessarily at  the same time. But honestly, you wouldn’t have to ask me twice.

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Did you forget about us?

12 11 2008

Hello darlings! Hopefully you didn’t forget about your two favorite girls with great taste…. I know, I know. We’ve been on hiatus, but I am back… for a little while at least, Suz still has some grad school applications to take care of. I have been caught up in a whirlwind of parties, vacation, fabulous friends and love affairs that resulted in 1) a slightly more damaged liver (yeah, and who thought that could happen?), 2) more confidence in flirtation, 3) a friendship tattoo, and last, but not least 4) a Thanksgiving trip to St. Croix.

That’s right, I’m going to the Caribbean for Thanksgiving.

I’m still pinching myself in disbelief, and also astonished that my pasty ass is going to have to get in a bikini in two weeks.

So how did this whole trip come to be?

Well… While my fabulous friend Russel was in town from Dallas (who’s NYC cherry I officially popped)… Hmm, bad way to start this… So backstory: One of my best friends, Russel, whom is one of the most individual characters on this planet and I hold very dearly to my heart, came to visit me and NYC about two weeks ago and stayed for a week. He had never been here before and we crammed as many touristy, and locals-only, things as possible into his trip. One day before Russel had to leave we had a day full of shopping and sightseeing and we had planned a wine & cheese night for later that evening at my house with the guests being Suz, Dan and a friend of Russel’s, Trish.

We stop in at one of my two neighborhood bars, Kings County. Probably the best decision I made all day considering what happened as a result of it. I gave a gentleman, who happens to live in St. Croix (but is originally from Iowa) but was just visiting, my phone number and the rest is history. We spent the few days he had left in New York together and he invited me to the Virgin Islands for Thanksgiving. So I bought a ticket, and now I’m going.

Jealous much?

Hope you’re all having a great Wednesday, and keep checking back in for more updates spawned from my boredom at work.

❤ Kiki

Chinese Democracy

23 10 2008

This ruined my day for a good 4 minutes and 42 seconds. Thank you Guns N’ Roses.

Guns N’ Roses fans, the wait is over. After 17 years of polishing — or whatever it is that rock superstars do when they sequester themselves in studios that cost millions of dollars for a decade-plus — new GNR music has finally, officially made its way to the public… (read more here)

* And just for the record: I have never been a Guns N’ Roses fan, though that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t make love to Axl (circa late 80s, early 90s) if he asked me too.


Joe the Plumber

16 10 2008

Susie and I (and Dan too) watched the presidential debates last night at Red Bamboo in Brooklyn. We consumed many a vegan Buffalo Wing and downed some White Russians; I officially popped my White Russian cherry, albeit it was a vegan one. If I had known ahead of time, and didn’t have to work this morning, I totally would have made everyone play a “Joe the Plumber” drinking game. We would have been mighty shwasted by the end of the debates.

This video is a good wrap-up of what was said last night:


In Memory of Nagi Noda

10 10 2008

I can’t believe I’m only hearing of this now, thanks to Hello Bauldoff.

“Nagi Noda, the Japanese artist/designer/director behind groundbreaking music videos and spots passed away on Sunday, September 7. She was 35. Noda had experienced ongoing complications related to a bad car accident last year that resulted in chronic pain. The exact cause of death was not specified.” For more, click on her picture:

Her book, Gas Book 22, is by far one of my favorite artist’s books. It saddens me that she’s gone, but she definitely made her mark on the world, and from people I’ve spoken to she was/is highly regarded and I feel will continue to be.

japanese prowess

2 10 2008

“A Japanese man was arrested for stealing women’s underwear, according to a Tokyo police spokesman on Tuesday.” i guess he couldn’t afford the stanky panties in the vending machines, huh kiki?