Pie and Two Dimes

14 11 2008

UrbanDaddy just uplifted my day, once again:

NY Pie

Pie Lounge
Late nights in the East Village just got a little homier with this tiny hole-in-the-wall dishing out beer, wine and, most importantly, peach and pumpkin pies (among others) until 2am on weekends, so you can finally have the drunken pie fight you’ve been dreaming of.
411: Soft-opening Nov 15, full opening Nov 21, 131 7th St (between Ave A and Ave B), 646-594-3180

Casa Havana

20-Cent Breakfast at Casa Havana
You’ve probably never stopped by this Chelsea Cuban spot, but we’re putting it on your radar just in case: two eggs, bacon and coffee for 20 cents. We recommend tipping at least a quarter.
411: Available every day, 7-11am, 190 8th Ave (between 19th and 20th St), 212-243-9421

Even though I have to be in a bikini in 11 days (Holy shit… I can’t believe how soon that is), it’s hard for me to pass up booze and free pie… so you’ll most likely find me there tomorrow night. Well, in all actuality you probably won’t, since I try to hang out in Manhattan as little as possible.



Mast Brothers Chocolate

14 11 2008

I don’t know why, but this email I received from Tasting Table, really, really excites me:

The status of high-end microbatch chocolate is quickly catching up to its cult coffee counterparts: Mass production is out; single-origin beans and small-batch roasting are in. Leading this movement in New York is Mast Brothers Chocolate, launched last year by barbate brothers Rick and Michael (33 and 29, respectively), who turn hand-sourced beans from small farms in Madagascar, Venezuela and Ecuador into beautiful, deeply complex chocolate bars.

The Masts start with hulking burlap bags full of cocoa beans and process them in a Greenpoint warehouse, then wrap the bars in a motley collection of vintage paper from Florence and London. Their chocolates are sold mainly at outposts in Brooklyn ($7 to $10), though online ordering is coming soon. They also sell sacks of excellent chocolate bark ($12), heavily loaded with dried cranberries, nuts and pumpkinseeds.

Soon, we’ll all be able to witness their bean-to-bar operation firsthand: Next month, the brothers plan to open their long-awaited factory and retail store in Williamsburg.

Mast Brothers Chocolates are currently sold at Marlow & Sons, Spuyten Duyvil, Urban Rustic, the Brooklyn Flea and the Artists & Fleas Market. mastbrotherschocolate.com

It also helps that they’re quite strapping, young gentleman:

Mast Brothers

Oh wait, now I remember why that email excites me so much: Men in suits with beards who can shower me in chocolate… Pretty much equals perfection. I can’t wait to visit their store when it opens! It will be a harrowing test of restraint… Chocolate and hot men in suits. With beards. Plus, the fact that they seem kind of Amish is sort of a turn-on. Yum.


Bike Kill 2008

27 10 2008

This is what my Saturday looked like:

I ended up covered in rain, beer, fake blood, fireworks, real blood, dirt, and wheat paste. And I only got in one minor altercation this year… Helping clean up the event, before going to the party, was in a word: DISGUSTING. I saw lots of old friends and made lots of new ones and danced my little butt off and got royally intoxicated. The main reason why this year’s Bike Kill was so important was because it was the last one. Black Label had done it for the past six years and just don’t want to put it on anymore. It’s all been extremely fun while it lasted! The next day I spent at home with my warm dog, ate lots of yummy food and watched way too much Mad Men. Overall, it was a great weekend!


we met the meet

24 10 2008

after a recent posting where kiki & i kinda bashed this private ‘grade-a meeting spot‘ in nyc, the owners invited us to a party last night to review the space firsthand. the space was certainly not conducive to an artists exhibition* so we feel that it is unfair to fully judge the space until it’s grand opening in november. we will however say that the wallpaper was by far the best feature of the swanky joint. from afar, the wallpaper looks like pleasant little graphic flowers but when you look a bit closer, the flowers are formed by nude women in very erotic poses. they get major points for that risk.

*And by this we mean that there was a blow-up imitation of a prison cell in the middle of the space, reminiscent of a bouncy castle at carnivals, though definitely nowhere near as fun and looked more like an attempt at a portable, yet soft, urinal.

PSFK attended the opening also, and you can read their review here.

Load up your coffee tables

23 10 2008

The NY Art Book Fair starts tomorrow and goes into the weekend, so if you’re in New York you definitely should stop by! Art books are my favorite kind, not only because they’re easy on the eyes, in more ways than one, but sometimes pictures really do speak more than 1,000 words. Also, the paper stock they use for the pages always turns me on. And they smell good.

Click on the picture above for the official site.


Speaking of Central Park…

23 10 2008

This Saturday is the Pumpkin Festival!!!

Click on the pic for official site and more info.

via Going

Oh, the Nerve!

21 10 2008

Nerve had a party at The Box and it was sponsored by Hendrick’s gin. That almost says it all right there.

I interviewed to work at The Box years ago; I was hoping to be one of their burlesque waitresses. Alas, that dream did not come true.

Everyone take note: If I ever ask to have a party thrown for me, I would like it to be like this one.

More photos here (NSFW)

— And could Angie Pontani be any hotter?!

via Gawker