Greenhouse Opens Tonight

12 11 2008

This is pretty much amazing. Straight from UrbanDaddy:

Greenhouse NYC

Let’s get this out of the way: Greenhouse is a nightclub first, environmental savior second. Sure, there are bamboo walls, eco-friendly banquettes, waterless urinals, Brad Pitt-endorsed Kiehl’s products in the bathroom and the whole place is “LEED-registered”, but you’ll be a bit more preoccupied with the more literal greenness—preserved leaves lining the ceiling, faux grass discs on the wall, animal topiary encased in glass cube tables…basically everything you need to feel like you’re in a boozy dance party in the middle of Central Park.

And by checking out the Greenhouse site it can be inferred that they have more locations opening in Paris, Cannes, Park City and Toronto very soon. Damn. I’m surprised there is no mention of who’s behind this huge venture… I’m assuming Brad Pitt has a little something to do with it, but who else?

Greenhouse, opens tonight, 150 Varick St (near Vandam), 212-807-7000


Oh Perez

10 10 2008

How I have missed you! I haven’t paid a visit to Mr. Perez Hilton in quite some time. But here are some highlights of some hot, and/or awkward, shots I thought I would share with you:

1. Okay. Salma, seriously. Get those sweater-puppies under control. Though, she’s still hot as hell.

2. This kid is nasty and I’ve always thought so, but the writing on his photo almost made me pee a little.

3. Why this chick Jordan is famous I’ve never really figured out.

4. Sugababes for American Apparel?

5. Angelina looks so much hotter when she’s not all veiny and skinny. And apparently I’m not the only one going dark this fall.