Pie and Two Dimes

14 11 2008

UrbanDaddy just uplifted my day, once again:

NY Pie

Pie Lounge
Late nights in the East Village just got a little homier with this tiny hole-in-the-wall dishing out beer, wine and, most importantly, peach and pumpkin pies (among others) until 2am on weekends, so you can finally have the drunken pie fight you’ve been dreaming of.
411: Soft-opening Nov 15, full opening Nov 21, 131 7th St (between Ave A and Ave B), 646-594-3180

Casa Havana

20-Cent Breakfast at Casa Havana
You’ve probably never stopped by this Chelsea Cuban spot, but we’re putting it on your radar just in case: two eggs, bacon and coffee for 20 cents. We recommend tipping at least a quarter.
411: Available every day, 7-11am, 190 8th Ave (between 19th and 20th St), 212-243-9421

Even though I have to be in a bikini in 11 days (Holy shit… I can’t believe how soon that is), it’s hard for me to pass up booze and free pie… so you’ll most likely find me there tomorrow night. Well, in all actuality you probably won’t, since I try to hang out in Manhattan as little as possible.