Local Exchange Trading Systems

14 11 2008

Dollar Toilet Paper

With the global economy going to crap, we’ve been wondering: What is money, anyways? Turns out, it is just a piece of paper that two or more people have agreed has a value. That’s it. Totally arbitrary.

Problem is, when people start to lose faith in its value… economies tumble. So what do we do? Start our own currency! No, seriously, start our own currency.

Japan has an electronic currency called LOVE which you receive every time you volunteer in the community. You can spend LOVE credits at local stores, kind of like to food stamps. In Brazil, you can earn bus tokens by separating trash from recycling. In the UK, you can pay your rent by looking after someone’s kids (its called the LET’S program).

So what’s stopping us? Think of it: Blowjobs-for-Bagels! Mixtapes-for-Metrocards! Because, frankly, the Dow Jones is SO 2007.

As written by MeanRed Productions

Those Japanese man… how do they get cooler everyday?!